China ' F&L' Brand Identity


Menga maintains a high position in the world sock market by creating a unique combination of high quality traditional handicraft and modern production technologies. Menga was honored with such titles as "Chinese Luxury Good" and "Chinese Representative Brand" in June of 2008 by the China Brand Institute. With a large range of products, they are one of the leading brands in the Chinese sock industry and release roughly 1,000 new products each year. 

Background & Key Issues 

'MENGNA''s new brand ‘F&L’ Brand Identity & Socks Design 

Currently, Menga plans to launch a new brand under the name "F&L," and aims to design socks that can reveal a person's true fashion identity and not just function as socks. Seeing as that Menga's usual customer base is the domestic market, whereas the new brand sought foreign markets, a strategy was needed that reflected that trend of luxury goods abroad.  



Approach & Solution

Brand analysis of Menga through brand profiling



Creation of brand keywords through the Perception Design Consulting System (PDCS)

Modern, Dynamic, Light, Simple, Luxury



Brand Expression Image - deriving brand concept moodboards through PDCS Image Analyzer)

Selection of main keywords to derive overall concept



Market Research - Field research in China was conducted to investigate market competition


Mengna F&L B.I RE Design



Sock Development

248 types of socks for men, women, and children were developed. Unlike the sock designs that are common to traditional Chinese markets, these fashion socks maintained a sense of lighthearted coolness. 




Extended applications in addition to the created sock designs



Mengna F&L 



Process & Methodology 

Research > Planning Design



Market Research

PDCS Analysis

Brand Positioning

BI Design

Sock Design

Sock Design Application




BI Design

Sock Design Guideline

Sock Design Application

Sock Package Design


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