‘Monit’ Brand Experience Design


Monit is a diet consulting brand for customers who are searching for an easy way to live a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. 

The brand centers itself around the customers' goals and provides smart and professional management programs. ​




Background & Key Issues 

Positioning for diet consulting services requires differentiated brand develop,ment aimed at healthy diets tailored to personal lifestyles, not just for beauty or weight loss.  



Approach & Solution

1. Class definition of diet consulting services tailored to the customer's lifestyle through basic research

Prior to establishing the core value and identity of the brand, we conducted an investigation into the market conditions of domestic and foreign diet service companies. We looked at the characteristics and identities of peer-to-peer, brand-name, and customize diet programs. 

One major trend in the analysis was the need for major competitors to differentiate the services they provide their customers.
We also looked at the domestic and international diet trends. Industrial facilities such as obesity clinics, aesthetic clinics, and diet centers were all found to be quite similar to the facilities in found in Japan. However, global trends for people in their 20s and 30s (Monit's core target) was found to be developing very similarly to the companies found in the United States.

Therefore we focused on an easy dieting program focused on lifestyle improvements that transcend aesthetic based dieting. 


2. Workshop to develop brand core values and identity concept

2.1 Brand Value Triangle - deriving brand core values and differentiating keywords




2.2. Brand Expression Image - brand concept image moodboards, styles, and brand keywords using PDCS (Perception Design Consulting System) Image Analyzer



2.3 Analysis of brand differentiators through customer journey map

As shown in the customer journey map, there is a limit to differentiation from competitors in the basic processes of diet consulting. We needed to discover elements of opportunity in finding a brand experience interface that was different from the competitors




2.4 Conducting a naming workshop to create brand names

- Approximately 170 names were created from 70 identity keywords using a naming rolling sheet. 

- Comparative analysis of image positioning maps between primary selected names and competitor names

- Second round of filtering is based on the sustainability of the brand concept in brand positioning

- Further selection was based on linguistic elements such as letter combinations, connotation, and pronunciation.




3. Developing brand identity designs with selected brand name "Monit"


3.1 Development of brand experience design style guidelines

Style guidelines have been developed to ensure continuous and consistent use of developed brand identity in packages and spaces. 







Process & Methodology

Research>Planning>Design>Design Guideline 

Research & Industry Analysis


Field Research

Customer Journey Map


Workshop for Naming

Brand Concept Moodboard Creation

BI Design

BI Design Guideline

BI Design Application

Space Style Guide


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