'Space Oddity' Brand Experience Design
'Space Oddity

Background & Key Issues 

New Company Launch for Music Creators

Space Oddity's unique identity unique role as a creative force in the music industry expresses free, yet professional feelings for not only B2B, but also to partners as well as B2C.





"Space Oddity is going to be a company with music creators who are becoming more and more independent. These artists might be brave enough to explore into space, becoming a hero upon a successful return. It is these lone astronauts that explore the boundless universe. David Bowie's "Space Oddity." I want to partner with them."  

 - Kim Hong-ki, CEO of Space Oddity






Approach & Solution

Development of a Space Oddity corporate identity design that promotes freedom and professionalism

After conducting background studies and concept research on Space Oddity, corporate identity sketches and designs were created with free-feeling design motifs.  


Establishing a systematic process for the project using P-Wave



'Space Oddity' CI Design Motif 

Space Oddity’ Design Motif (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY , Black Hall)

'Space Oddity' CI Design 

A black whole is visualized in the CI design, which also represents a record plate. Speed and rhythm that gets sucked into the musical black hole is colorfully expressed. This black hole also serves as a representation of Space Oddity's hope to capture and draw in many music creators. 






'Space Oddity' Application Design 






Creative Contents Conference / 2017.09.27-28 

Overview of Launch 'Lift Off" Key Visual Design

Visual design was created for Space Oddity's Launch Ceremony+Content Creator Conference


'LIFT OFF' Poster Design 



Creative Contents Conference ‘ LIFT OFF’ Application Design 


X-banner/ SNS content creation web content




‘ LIFT OFF’ Cassette Tape Paper Design & Sticker Design  


cassette tape slip design/ cassette tape decal design




Space Oddity 


CI Design 

CI Design Application 

Event Identity Design 

Event Identity​ Package



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