COWAY Design Identity Guideline

Background & Key Issues

Development of Coway design identity 

The goal of this project was to establish a design identity guideline based on the company's strategy to delivery Coway's core values through design experience. In doing so, conceptual and visual guidelines would be created to reference when designing customer experience contacts as well as products. 

First, a product design strategy guide was created which highlight Coway's specialized products and set examples for diverse products and future actions. 

The main challenge of this project was to create a "Communication Design Guide" that effectively implements design experience at all customer experience points. The guide would also serve to be shared throughout the company to be used as a strategy to establish Coway's identity and enhance its brand value.


COWAY Design Identity Guideline Purpose


Approach & Solution 

Workshop to co-create the concept of "Cowaydium"

It was crucial to collect opinions from Coway employees on the current and future values for Coway. Therefore, two co-creation workshops were enacted.
In the first workshop, Core Value Triangle, Five Sense, and 6 Prime analyses were used to derive core values and segment-oriented values. Based on this, personas and mood boards by segments were discussed in our second workshop. Additionally web charts were analyzed to more firmly select the direction of each segment.


Strategy planning and co-workshop development with P-Wave

Methodology of first workshop

Methodology of second workshop



COWAY Design Identity Guide Book

The Coway Design Identity Guide Book was created via the enactment of the two co-creation workshops and did so by organizing design philosophy, style keywords, and target personas. The book, which includes a mood board, dictated Coway's story from elements including "Tone and Manner" to "CMF (Color, Material, Finishing)." The Guide therefore offers direction in facilitating communication between developers and designers and aids Coway in maintaining a unified story from ideation to design to sales.


Coway Design Identity Guidebook content configuration



Coway TFT  




Design Philosophy Perception 

Design Segmentation  Perception 

Design Guide Book Perception


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