LOTTE CASTLE Housing Gallery Experience Design

Background & Key Issues

Newly Imagined Lotte Castle Housing Exhibit

For this new housing exhibition, Lotte Castle sought to (1) increase customer satisfaction in service experience and (2) how to effectively community Lotte Castle's identity to their customers. This included the creation of target-oriented content that ultimately contributes to the formation of a friendly relationship with the brand as well as designing a VIP tour experience.

Considering the evolution of consumer tastes as well as the overall market, new solutions were needed to adequately adapt Lotte Castle's brand identity.  

In the end, we needed to replace what we wanted to say with what our customers wanted to hear and the optimization of such required high experiential contact.  



Approach & Solution

Space experience design mapped out through discussions with stakeholders

In order to create an innovative experience, case studies were first necessary by looking at Lotte Castles Exhibition Halls, Competitor Halls, other corporate public relations exhibits, and museums. This was first and foremost a creation for the customers, and therefore, through stakeholder meetings, the needs of the customers were identified and established as the primary goals for the project. 

Project Overview: Extracting optimal experience contact and developing content through a contextual approach



To reflect the stakeholder's needs in the space, the stakeholders created a customer journey map of every possible point of contact with the visitor and organized content on that map.
Through a detailed understanding of the customer, an experiential space design was created that flowed smoothly and allowed for simple transference of Lotte Castle's identity.


Customer Journey Map: Configure space flow to reflect touchpoints deduced from customer journey map




The Lotte Castle Housing Gallery gives customers a uniquely tailored experiential contact with Lotte Caslte. In Addition, a detailed Welcome Kit further extends the contact between the brand and the consumer. 


LOTTE CASTLE Hausing Gallery _ BI Guide



This gallery exhibits a new experience with content that varies depending on how the visitor moves and interacts with the site. 






​Process and Methodology


Establishing a system process for the project using P-Wave









Space Programing LOTTE E&C, Forte Line, Perception 

Space Design LOTTE E&C, Forte Line, Perception 

Contents Plan Perception 

Signage Perception, Sanin  




Construction Forte Line


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