Hidden Treasures Design Guide Book
Disney_Bambi & Jungle Book

Background & Key Issues 

Disney Korea wanted to create a design book to provide local licensees with examples of design products that are specific to the design trends for local consumers. Many of the earlier Disney animations have been largely forgotten by today's consumers, so the goal was to reinvigorate the treasures in people's memories with a modern sense. 


A previously released Disney design book primarily focused on design trends that represented the foreign audience and not a domestic one. We wanted to address the local market as well as the local licensing environment. One of the main consideration for this was creating not only character products, but also  lifestyle products inspired by Disney fantasy. 

The challenge was creating a story throughout the course of the book and not just listing products. Additionally, this book wanted to depart from the normal style of simply applying graphics to a base product and instead create themes to be felt from each page.


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Disney Bambi Design Guide Book

The Bambi Hidden Treasures Design Guide Book followed the flow of the narrative through (1) Bambi's birth, (2) the story of the first spring, (3) the moment of falling in love, and (4) becoming royalty. 

In Chapter 1, titled Soft Touch, we chose themes of purity and cleanliness to represent Bambi's birth. The items in this chapter consisted primarily of spa products and beauty items. The second chapter, Flowery Flower, use the theme of a picnic to symbolize the story of spring when Bambi meets his friends in the forest for the first time. In addition to showcasing vibrantly colored fashion items, this chapter includes lifestyle products for picnics and outdoor activities


The third chapter, Falling in Love, tells the story of Bambi and Flynn falling in love. Since this is a book targeted at young adults this chapter contains matching lifestyle items that couples might like to share together. The final chapter, Chapter 4 is titled The Great King, and tells the story of Bambi taking over his father's duties. This chapter, therefore contains a more luxurious and refined atmosphere, as opposed to the bright appearance of the previous chapters. Extending beyond the traditional impressions of Disney products, this chapter contains office supplies and fashion items that even adult men can enjoy.



Disney Jungle Book Design Guide Book

The Jungle Book Hidden Treasures Design Book focuses on three themes from the Jungle Book Story: the unique wit of the jungle, the vivid colors, and the excitement of jungle life.



The first chapter, Everyday Jungle, brings the feeling of living in a jungle to normal people. Using dense forest imagery, lifestyle items were dispersed in between greens and natural items. Additionally, Jungle Book characters seemed to be sprawled out throughout the images as if they were hiding in the rainforest. 

Chapter Two, No Worries, tells the story of the main character, Mowgli, having a leisurely time in the jungle with Baloo, the bear. This chapter shows basic beauty items and fashion items for comfort and leisure.
The third chapter, Jungle Festival, has a lighthearted party theme. Colorful makeup and fashion accessories adorn this chapter's pages. 

This book was released to local Disney Licensees to provide domestically appropriate examples of product creation to spur design inspiration. 



Main Task 




Process & Methodology 

Requirement Analysis > Diagnosis for Validity of Project > Analysis and Research of Detailed Requirements >

Establishment of a Strategy > Decision of Direction > Page Composition > Prototyping > Design > Inspection > 

Final Artwork > Print and Deliver 



Final Deliverables  

Hidden Treasure Design Guide Book 

- Bambi 

- The Jungle Book 

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