Takeout Coffee Brand ‘Taplay’ Brand Identity Design


Taplay wants customers to get out of their tiring daily routine by providing a special place for customers to recharge. They hope to achieve this by providing smooth coffees and fresh mojitos which a serious yet pleasant drinks in life.

Background & Key Issues 

Take-out specialty coffee brand Taplay launching

Taplay hopes to communicate with its customers a high brand value with feelings of authenticity and cheerfulness. Therefore, a brand concept and brand identity were developed with the added tasks of application development.



Approach & Solution

Brand Direction

Defining Taplay's goals by extrapolating five directions that the brand is seeking to move forward in.

Brand Identity

Defining Taplay's brand identity by analyzing brand orientation points.

Brand Keyword

Analyzing various images of Taply to derive brand keywords


Brand Concept

Using keywords to produce an overall brand concept.


Brand Platform

The Brand Platform is then centered around the brand vision, brand value, and brand mission, which are as follows:



Creation of a brand slogan to express the brand identity 




Moodboard creation



Selected Taplay brand identity designs


Design Motif

Application of design to products 







Process & Methodology  

Research>Planning>Design>Design Guideline 



Market Research 

Customer Journey Map 

PDCS Analysis 

Brand Positioning 



Naming Positioning Map 

Moodboard Creation 


BI Design 

BI Design Guideline 

BI Design Application 




BI Design 

BI Design Guideline 

BI Design Application


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