KT Kumho Rent-A-Car Visual Guideline Strategy
KT Kumho Rent-A-Car

Experience Design

After KT Rental acquired Kumho Rent-A-Car, they desired to establish a new organizational culture as well as a new design strategy that would manifest its brand identity and key values. Rent-A-Car services need to be run in meticulous detail due to their multiple contact points with customers. As such, they require an experience design, such as a Space Identity (SI) for each store, and diverse goods and promotional materials to attend to customers. As there was no department in charge of design within the company, they needed a design strategy that managers of marketing and other relevant departments in every store could use as their guideline.  



Background & Key Issues 

We created a visual identity for the brand by setting a brand strategy for the company in accordance with the macro trends and the characteristics of the service. We also established a higher design strategy that could become the basis for putting the design into practice, and would be relevant to every point of contact in terms of customer services. Considering that the company is undergoing M&A, we conducted interviews with different people to closely review how the brands key values should be delivered to customers, and what forms of experience to expect. We also carried out customer surveys and an inspection of the stores across the country, to find out the problems and to prepare a guideline that would be applicable to the improvement requirements. By breaking down and elaborating the concepts usually expressed in language, such as the brand strategy and key values, through a methodology of creating analogous images so that more people could understand these concepts in detail, we tried to deliver the concepts in images as effectively as possible.  


We succeeded in explaining the nature of KT Kumho Rent-A-Car in detail, and came up with various ideas as well as a design prototype to provide vehicle-related services, including the façade of the SI, customer service areas, office areas, uniforms and promotional materials. We prepared a guideline that even non-designers could understand, so that many people could agree and conform to the process and its outcome. We then internalized the design execution capability, by conducting enterprise training for directors in stores across the country. 



Main Task 

Brand Visual Identity Strategy  

Design Identity Strategy & Style guideline 

Brand Experience elements Prototyping 

Manual & Education Report 



Process & Methodology 

Discover > Define > Develop > Deliver & Training 



Image NM Workshop

Photo Observation

Customer Journey Map 

Factor Analysis




Final Deliverables​ 

Store inspection analysis report 

Brand strategy-based design report 

Design style guide  

Design prototype related to the key points of contact in terms of the brand experience 

Design manual guide and training materials 




In order to deliver a brand experience that was consistent with every contact point in terms of customer services, we not only created a guideline that all of the relevant people could understand and put into action, but went further, teaching them the necessity to follow the strategies through repeated training sessions, and established a system for motivating the employees. 






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