China ‘BONAS’ Baby Socks Design


BONAS is a company that specializes in socks that are sold on Chinese online shopping malls such as Taobao and Tmall.

Currently, they are interested in expanding their reach to include Korean products, specifically by adding baby products that are targeted to young parents in their 20s and 30s.

Background & Key Issues 

China Sock Brand 'BONAS' Baby Socks Design
Bonas focuses more on their online shopping mall presence rather than offline stores. The products sold range from adult socks to baby clothes, and, although most of their current products bear similar designs to  trendy products, it was necessary to develop an independent sock design and concept of socks suitable for Bonas to grow the specialty brand of baby products in the future. 



Approach & Solution

Workshop to derive the new sock concept
A total of 10 concepts were developed Each concept has a child-like, imaginative imagery that  enhances the baby's relationship with the parent by giving the parent a story telling device during the time the socks are being worn.









BONAS Infant Line Brand Identity Design






Sock Design Development

We selected 10 concepts to create a series of design socks to stimulate the imagination of young children. We have developed a sock design that is consistent with the concept we want to express in each series.









Extend applications using the developed sock designs








Process & Methodology 



Concept Development 

Style Board Creation 

PDCS Analysis 




BI Design 

Sock Design Guideline

Sock Design Application​


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