Seoul City Water Bills Improvement
Seoul City

Background & Key Issues 

The Seoul Waterworks Authority of the Seoul Metropolitan Government sends out six different bills related to water and sewage services: OCR bills, automatic payment bills, delinquent bills, demand notices, occasional bills, and water supply construction bills. On average, over a million bills are sent throughout the city every month. However, despite their volume and importance, there has been no efficient way of categorizing information, with minimized redundancy, for the receiver. Thus, the Seoul Waterworks Authority decided to redesign the billing system with the user in mind. This not only included accurately delivering information related to water usage, but also effectively promoting major policies and benefits.   



Approach & Solution   

The design change shifts the main target audience of the bill from the suppliers to the bill receiver. In order to understand the current status of the water billing system and make an appropriate prognosis, the bills were organized per the information they contain as well as the frequency of that information. We conducted user surveys to create a hierarchy of key information for the receiving individual. Using this information, the contents of each bill was organized via sections and categories to create a logical flow. 


After the rearrangement of information, each of the six bills were visually redesigned so as to easily distinguish them from one another. Lastly, usability was verified through a user survey, post redesign. 



Main Task  

Arranging the information within the bills according to their priority 

Outlining the flow of billing information through a categorization of information 

Securing unity between the bills, as well as uniqueness for each bill 



Process & Methodology 

Discover > Define > Develop > Deliver 

Ethnographic Research 

Stakeholders Maps 



Factor Analysis 

Ideation Workshop 

Customer Journey Map 


Mock up 




Final Deliverables 

Designs of 6 water bills 




Strengthening the readability and understanding of the water bills will not only increase the efficiency of information delivery, but will also become a starting point for sending consistently designed bills to city residents.​​







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