Amway Junggipum Package Design

Background & Key Issues

Amway Korea's previous special occasion gift sets have to emphasize the "Jeonggipum" line that they comprise due to their differing design tones. Amway needed a package design strategy that could promote the brand image of Jeonggipum as a single, unified brand. Due to the product's characteristic as being sold as holiday gift item, the investment that was allotted to the redesign was not large and therefore any tactics had to be cost effective. 



Approach & Solution 

For each package, we applied graphic patterns featuring the material of each product, while maintaining a sense of unity across all the product line. To manage costs, a simple yet effective design including gold and red foil on a black background was used to denote a simple yet traditional luxury.  



Main Task 

Packaging design for Amway Junggipum



Final Deliverables  

Outer package for the Junggipum traditional paste gift set  

One outer package, two inner boxes and two pouches for the Junggipum laver/seaweed gift set 

One outer package and six pouches for the Junggipum mixed grain gift set  




By focusing on the sales method of direct transactions rather than sales in retail stores, we created a design that is different from the products sold in retail stores, which emphasized the luxuriousness of the products and succeeded in raising awareness of the Junggipum brand, as well as contributing to an increase in sales by creating a sophisticated image at a small cost. ​








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