COFFEE CLUB Brand Design

Background & Key Issues

As coffee house have become more popular, demands have grown to include specialty coffees, beyond typical espresso coffee. High-end coffee, which was previously only served in a few specialty houses, originating from large franchises, required a whole new platform then the ubiquitous general cafe. Starbucks, a leader in the global coffee franchise market, has developed an independent platform for serving specialty coffee called Starbucks Reserve. That was followed by other domestic franchise companies such as A Twosome Place and Tom N Toms. Holly's Coffee, a domestic coffee brand celebrating its 16th anniversary this year, wanted join the growing trend and needed a new design identity to strongly adapt. 



Approach & Solution  

Using research of various luxury coffee houses domestically and abroad, we held a workshop with marketers at Holly's Coffee to imagine how their new luxury store would look. This included the naming, customer experience, as well as overall expectations for the store. Hollys Coffee has emphasized its domestic roasting techniques and coffee expertise, while still maintaining an affordable price point. Therefore, a "simple urban classic" identity was set as a baseline.   



Main Task  

Establish the name of Hollys Coffee Club  

Design a BI for Hollys Coffee Club 

Create a VI guideline for Hollys Coffee Club  

Create an application and package design  

Establish guidelines for a signage system  



Process & Methodology 

Discover > Diagnosis > Develop > Deliver 

Rolling sheet

Customer Journey Map 

Brain writing 





Final Deliverables  

Brand identity and symbol mark guideline 

Prototypes and simulation of applications    

Signage system guideline 

Wall graphic   




In the process of launching Hollys Coffee Club, we provided integrated branding services including plans for a name, an application design and a space concept, thus creating a new platform for Hollys Coffee. ​




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