Our People

Diversity brings momentum to design.

If you have you only have one tool, it would be very limiting in solving problems.
Creative problem solving for design requires various perspectives.
At Perception, there are full of experts with great experiences and perspectives.


  • Business
  • Economics
  • Industrial Design
  • Information & Culture Technology
  • Information Statistics
  • International Business
  • Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Law
  • Management
  • Mathematics
  • Marketing
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Product Design
  • Space Design
  • Visual Design


  • Iris Choi   |  CEO
    I am happy to introduce myself as the leader of a creative consulting firm, Perception, whose eyes are fixed on forests rather than trees. As the acting designer and chief executive officer, I believe in the power of design rooted in strategic thinking.
    Business experiences:
    Samsung Design membership
    Samsung Electronics software center UI team
    General manager at Freechal Design

    Current Titles/Affiliations
    CEO at Perception Inc.,
    Instructor at Industrial Design Department at Konkuk University
    R&D designer at Design Korea Parliament Forum
    Director at Asia Design Center
    Director at Incorporated Association of Eco-Mom-Korea
    Instructor at Bizdeli Creative Enterprise
    Creative Review Board at Jung-Gu Billboard Advertising

    Formal Titles / Affiliations
    KT Customer Value Forum
    Adjunct Professor at Journalism and Public Relation Department at Seoul Women’s University

    Alumn at Seoul Arts High school
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design at Seoul National University
    Master of Art in Journalism and Mass Communication at Yonsei University Graduate School
  • Bruce Moon   |  General Director
    As an Experience Creator, finds joy in re-discovering hidden insights within the dynamics between humans to products to service. I enjoy shining new lights on the very nature of these dynamics and viewing them in different perspectives. 
    Current Titles/Affiliations
    Business Advisor at Perception Inc.,
    Instructor at Graduate School of Design at Ewha Woman’s University (UX Design)

    Formal Title/Affiliation
    Head of KT Online Marketing Team

    Bachelor of Business Administration at Seoul National University
    Master of Industrial Engineering at KAIST
  • Duk-ju Kim   |  Director
    Drawn to empathetic, harmonious and smart design,
    I treasure balance between sensibility vs. rationality, and excitement vs. coolness.
    Current Titles/Affiliations
    Director at Perception Inc.,

    Formal Title/Affiliation
    Freechal Design Team
    Samsung Design Membership

    Bachelor of Fine Art in Industrial Design at Seoul National University
  • Jeffrey Oh   |  Business Advisor
    As a business incubator who fuses and rearranges diverse insights to practice them in the fields, I work to bring creativity which rooted in rational framework into life.
    Current Titles/Affiliations
    Business Advisor at Perception Inc.,
    Joint Representative at Xcuration

    Formal Title/Affiliation
    POSCO Management Enterprise
    Strategic Planning Manager at Freechal
    Director at Daum Tour Express Marketing
    Director at KTH(Paran) E-learning
    Director and CEO at SK Networks Internet
    Strategic Consulting Partner at I & Company

    Bachelor of Business Administration at Seoul National University
    Master of Business Administration and Marketing at Seoul National University
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