Design Competency
Design is an act of pursuing “a better condition”.

The process and outcome to create change always involve “design”. The organization without design capability has a hard
time suggesting effective alternatives to the problem at hand.

Explaining the vision in mind and the concept of brands in words is not enough. Approaching problems in separate ways by
designer and non-designer is not enough. Also, assigning design work without any guideline and managing the organization are not enough. The team that offers the best possible alternatives has always been the one who embraced design thinking.


Design Management
From design work, design organization management, all the way to CDO, Perception provides guidelines and coaching services.
Perception helps clients overcome the limits that words can express in regards to organizations visions and brand values through the process of visualizing the values.
Education & Workshop
Perception provides education/training on design consulting methodology, facilitation, creative workshops and etc.
to strengthen already-existing ability of effectively utilizing the combination of logic and creativity.
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