6.0 Space Identity Design Guide Manual

Background & Key Issues

Hollys Coffe is a specialty coffee company based in South Korea. Founded in 1998, they wanted their space  design  to depart from the previous Romantic Classic concept to become a lasting design, separate from fleeting trends. Bearing this in mind, a space concept manual was needed to usher in this change. First an overall concept was created that appropriately matched Hollys Coffee's image, then a manual was created with a corresponding process plan to implement the change as well as incorporate design customizations per the characteristics of the different regional branches. 




Approach & Solution
In order to blend Holly's coffee brand identity with the design space, we had to address a persona built around the target customer. In doing so, we would create a map of the customer's journey throughout the store and likewise consider points of contact between the customer and the brand. We established key areas where Holly's signature image and red color could be utilized created an effective furniture arrangement based on the market, as well as considered vertical space design with furniture height and placement of graphic images. The Barista Zone was rearranged to allow for easier communication between the baristas of customers, delivering a sense of connection that is crucial in contemporary cafes. Additionally guidelines were put in place to update the mood of the interior by lightening the dark colored tones of the furniture to a brighter pastel gray tone. These and many more were prepared in a manual under the overarching theme of "Urban Comfortable" (replacing the old "Romantic Classic"). Likewise guidelines were also put in place for the execution of the design change including enterprise training for managers and directors. 





Main Task

Hollys Coffee 6.0 space design



Process & Methodology 

Research > Analysis > Scenario & Contents > Design > Deliver  



Trend Research  

Photo Ethnography  

Customer Journey Map  

Stakeholder Map 



Final Deliverables

Hollys Coffee 6.0 Space Design Guide Manual


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