6.0 Space Identity Design Guide Manual

Background & Key Issues

Hollys Coffee desired that its space concept design be sustainable and not trendy (such as the previous Romantic Classic concept) while maintaining its brand identity. It was high time for the brand to have a new space concept manual, which would be applicable to all stores. We first decided on a main target concept that fitted well with the image of Hollys Coffee, then designed a process plan to come up with designs that matched the concept, and created a new space design manual with various options customized for the characteristics of each regional branch.




In order to blend its brand identity with the design space, we had to create a design which had a certain persona as its main target, prepare a map for the customer’s journey, and then consider the points of contact between the customer and the brand. We established multiple guide outlines through the development of Hollys’ signature image using the color red, re-established the style of the Barista zone, created an effective furniture arrangement based on the market, and organized the space using furniture of a certain height and established certain graphic images. We thus created a manual which could be applicable to all Hollys stores, based on the characteristics of each region/space. We systematically arranged the Barista zone so that the baristas and customers could easily communicate with each other, delivering a sense of connection that could not have been felt in other franchise stores, and created a more comfortable atmosphere by partly changing the dark-colored finishing materials in the store into a brighter pastel gray tone and by using more light. We proposed a change to the Hollys 6.0 Space Keyword called Urban Comfortable from the previous title of Romantic Classic. We prepared a guideline so that many people could agree and conform to the process through a manual that all the relevant people could easily understand, and internalized the capability to execute the design through measures such as conducting enterprise training for managers and directors.   






Main Task

Hollys Coffee 6.0 Space Design Guide Manual


Process & Methodology

Research > Analysis > Senario & Contents > Design > Deliver

- Research

- Interview 

- Trend Research

- Photo Ethnography

- Customer Journey Map

- Stakeholder map


Final Deliverables

Hollys Coffee 6.0 Space Design Guide Manual


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