2020 Smart Appliances Research

Background & Key Issues

Due to the prevailing trend for convergence, the blending of multiple fields such as technology, products and services has been accelerating. The country needed motivation for the growth of a new industry and the development of future key values. Leading global companies have created an impetus to develop a new market through the convergence of humanities and technology based on design, and Korea has also been undertaking R&D studies of convergence and innovation based on design. It has been forecast that the smart appliance market will play a mediation role between mankind and base technologies, and that its industry will grow. Therefore, it was time to predict future market demands and directions, and to create a new smart appliance market through joint research in fields such as technology, humanities and design. 




In order to predict the future society in 2020, we analyzed various variations of a future economy/society/environment/technology in terms of the macro environment and deduced the implications in terms of consumer needs. In addition, we analyzed trend patterns to figure out the future trends of 12 macro and 97 micro societies in 2020, and conducted a multi-faceted group analysis of their demography and psychology to find out specialized groups therein. By combining all the implications deduced from the aforementioned analyses, we were able to discuss nine likely characteristics of the future society.

Furthermore, we came up with a concept sketch for more than 180 kinds of future appliances from the implications deduced from the above analyses using a Delphi method proceeded with Seed, and by asking for the advice of technical experts and by holding Ideation workshops with university students/power bloggers in each field. We visualized the ideas in future smart appliance scenarios combined with the nine characteristics, and in the case of three ideas went through a process of re-organizing > first self-evaluation workshop > second expert and advisory group evaluation. We then visualized the concept of the three products through 3D rendering, after conducting additional design processes. 


Main Task

- Predicting the trends of the future society in 2020

- Creating future characteristics and smart appliance scenarios

- Visualization of the concepts for three main products


Process & Methodology

Discover > Define > Develop > Deliver

- 거시요소 분석

- 산업구조 분석

- 데이터 마이닝

- 심층 인터뷰

- 설문조사법
- 델파이법
- 모바일 다이나믹스

- 사진관찰 에스노그라피

- 퍼실리테이션

- 체크리스트법

- 친화도법
- 브레인 라이팅
- Related Worlds
- 유추법
- 강제조합법
- 요소조합법

- 디자인 벤치마킹 


↑사업추진 flow

↑보고서 산출 Process

Final Deliverables

- 8 elements of change in the macro environment / 14 Value Drivers in the future

- Determined 12 macro and 97 micro trends for 2020

- Determined lifestyle and signature characteristics for 2020

- Created smart appliance scenarios

- Visualized the concept of the main products in 3D

- RFP of subjects for research on future designs converged with humanities-technology





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