beTOUCH New Product Concept Development

Background & Key Issues

AnyRactive, which provides solutions for smart electronic boards, had vague mid- to long-term plans regarding the establishment of a company strategy along with changes to its future methods of input and output, and lacked ideas for new interaction methods using motion sensing technology. Therefore, they needed to come up with ideas for the usage of the technology, including references for future product strategies, as well as a new concept for an interaction supporting appliance with consideration of the future environment and consumer needs.  



Approach & Solution 

We defined the scope of an AnyRactive smart electronic board to be an "any surface type device" and created an understanding of the related essential factors, while decided the evolving factors to be introduced in the future. The evolving factors were deduced through analysis of diverse perspectives of on the industry/ macro environment/ users/ competitors.
In addition, we came up with concept sketches for an access confirmation device through Delphi method proceeded with Seed. We worked in collaboration with experts as well as held ideation workshops with university students/ semi-experts in each field. Finally, we visualized the concept of an "Interaction Supporting Appliance," adding an analysis of the major modeling elements and functions.



Main Task 

Created a reference for establishing future product strategies 

Created an idea for interaction between the input and output processes 

Came up with the future concept for Interaction Supporting Appliances and a visualization of the outcome 



Process & Methodology 

Discover > Define > Develop > Deliver  

Mega Trend Analysis  

Industry Analysis  

Data Mining  

In-depth Interview  



Mobile Dynamics  

Photo Observation Ethnography  



Affinity Diagram  

Brain Writing  

Related Worlds  


Nonsensical Convergence Map  

Morphological Analysis

Design Benchmark








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